Amazon Prime Membership Scam

Amazon Prime Membership Scam

Dear Member,


One of our members received this yesterday and wanted to bring it to your attention so you don’t get caught out

Yesterday I received an email confirming my order that day for Platinum Prime at a cost of £79.80. The email went on to advise me that if I wanted to cancel the order I had 24 hours and should use the link provided. That link took me to a screen which mirrored the Amazon Prime log in screen and invited me to log in. I didn’t log in as I know that Amazon never asks you to contact them about your account or orders by using a link in an email.


If I had logged in then the scammers would have captured those details.


I forwarded the email to Amazon and deleted it.




Sue Heaton
Branch Secretary

email: Sue Heaton

Amazon Prime Membership Scam