Essex Police Garden Party 2019

Essex Police Garden Party 2019

Essex Police Garden Party 2019 13

Members will recall that this year’s Garden Party was jointly sponsored by the three Essex NARPO Branches (Chelmsford, Colchester and Southend), as part of the NARPO 100th Birthday Celebrations.

It was a very warm afternoon, the sun shone and there was a very good attendance from our retired community. The Chief Constable, BJ Harrington, gave the speech of welcome and commented on the family atmosphere of the force and the importance of the police family.

My thanks go to the Garden Party organising committee and to all members of the Chelmsford NARPO Branch Committee who assisted in putting the event together. Special thanks go to Anne Walker, Tim Stokes and Sue Heaton who did most of the work. In particular, Anne arranged the celebratory cake and Sue was busy signing up new members. If you would like to join the Chelmsford Branch please email Sue at: Secretary Sue


Robert Good
NARPO – Chelmsford Branch

Essex Police Garden Party 2019 14

Essex Police Garden Party 2019

Cenotaph Parade & Service 2019

Cenotaph Parade & Service 2019

Cenotaph Parade & Service 2019

The Royal British Legion will, as usual, be organising the Ex-Service and Civilian Contingents attending the Parade and Service at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2019.

Like last year, NARPO has applied to the Royal British Legion to send a contingent of Thirty-Six (36) members, to take part in this unique national event, in the heart of London.

Due to heightened security measures, the Metropolitan Police need to conduct individual security checks on all participants. Therefore, basic personal information will need to be provided in advance for each applicant.

Ticket holders will need to bring both photographic ID and a document showing proof of address with them for access to Horse Guards Parade via the staffed Police entry points on the day.

We are now taking applications from Branches, to take part in the Parade and Service.
Those applications must include the following information to enable us to complete the online electronic application process:

  • Title/Rank
  • First Name (this must be the name on photo ID)
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (please use the format DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Place of Birth
  • First line of address
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Military number (where applicable)

Please note that owing to security checks on attendees, last-minute replacements are not possible as the tickets are in the Member’s name.

We will endeavour to be as fair as possible in the allocation of tickets, to give the whole country the opportunity to be represented, with preference given to those who have not previously attended.

If you are interested please supply details by email to: Sue Heaton prior to 30th June 2019 to allow for spaces to be allocated and security checks to take place

Memorials dedicated to former Southend officers HD Police Station

Memorials dedicated to former Southend officers at HD Police Station

Memorials dedicated to former Southend officers HD Police Station

A message from Jim Dickinson

You will be aware that Memorials in remembrance of former Southend Borough officers killed in The Great War and the second world war have been displayed on a wall opposite the entrance to Southend Police station. This position was not ideal due to the trees that have grown and were overhanging the memorials.

Fred Feather and I were of the opinion that they did not appropriately reflect the remembrance of our former colleagues. With the support of the Essex Police Memorial Trust, of which we are both trustees, we secured funding to have the memorials refurbished. With the help of Scott Cannon, Divisional Commander, the memorials have now been moved to a more suitable position alongside the entrance to the police station.

I would be grateful if you would draw this to the attention of NARPO members who may wish to view the memorials when passing.

Any one interested in reading the background relating to the Southend officers killed in The Great war should visit the Essex Police Memorial Trust site and look for information relating to WW1, the information is recorded under the respective names.



NARPO Southend Branch Minutes AGM 2017

NARPO Southend Branch Minutes AGM 2017

National Association of Retired Police Officers
Southend Branch

NARPO Southend Branch Minutes AGM 2017

Held at 7-15pm on 24th March 2017


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting By welcoming members to the Southend Branch AGM. My first task is a sad one to recall the names of our former colleagues, members and non-members who have died in the past year. Brian Reynolds, Adrian Howell, Laurence(Joe)Street, Roy Widdecombe, George Davis, Phil Baxter, Dave Lowe. I would like to mention Constable Keith Palmer who was murdered in the Parliament grounds. I would like us to take a few moments of reflection.I would also like to thank the members of the committee for the work they put into the branch especially our Welfare Officer David Seago and Social Secretary Mike Beaveridge and his wife Lyn.
    In November 2016 we received a letter from Essex Police about charging for payroll services. They intended to charge us for administering our Narpo subscriptions which are either collected monthly or yearly. It would have meant a monthly charge of £20+vat for all three branches We protested sending letters to the Chief and NARPO HQ. NARPO HQ had never heard of any force charging for this. They were going to impose this charge from January 2017, as a result of our protests, on the 7th December 2016 we received a letter saying that the charge would not be implemented. This does not mean that they may try again at a later date. Lets hope it does not happen.
    The website which can be accessed at is up and running. I sent out an email advising members of it and how to input items onto the site via Brendan Foy. If any member has anything they wish to post please do so. It could be something you want other members to share, something a member of our family is involved in and they want to promote an event. You may wish to recommend a tradesman or find one if you need something done in your home or garden. You can upload pictures, interests or just about anything else you may think may interest others.
    Our guest speaker is Martin Lloyd and his talk is called Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies and he will speak at the conclusion of our business.

  3. Apologies for absence were received from Alan Longhurst, David Seago, Peter Ward, Kim Wiggins, Mick Radford, Duncan Horner, Bob Craven, Simon Werrett, Brian Taylor.

  5. Minutes of the Previous A.G.M. These were read and accepted as correct.

  7. Matters Arising There were no matters arising.

  9. Secretary’s Report. Your Chairman, myself and our Welfare Officers will be attending the Regional A.G.M. on 29th April 2017. Should anything of note be heard this will be circulated. I would like to draw your attention to the following circulars.Circ. 8/17 NARPO have joined with Disability Rights UK to help members who have issues with welfare rights. There are full details on the web site.
    From Narpo HQ
    Travel with NARPO is now on a website offering holidays far and wide.
    The CPI September 2016 showed that there will be an increase of 1% to our police pension from 1st April 2017.
    Narpo HQ ask that members check their web site under Police Pensions regarding pensions and co-habiting couples for their pension rights.
    These days HQ put more on their website for members to read than in circulars, this covers everything from advertising cars for sale to holidays to conference details.
    Received from HQ 24th March 2017 If you are in receipt of an injury pension and have reached you compulsory retirement age and have had your pension reduced please read the information on the NARPO website as it may effect you.

  11. Treasurer’s Report
    Statement of account for year ending 31st December 2016
    Income Expenditure
    Membership subscriptions
    Cheques 206.52 NARPO HQ Precept 2,043.36
    Standing orders 39.00 Postage/stationery/print 270.37
    Payments form pension 4,024.35 Honorarium Soc.Sec. 300.00
    Total subscriptions 4269.87 Welfare Expenses 306.40
    NARPO Golf Day 68.00
    Xmas Social 150.00
    P.Yorke-Wade Travel
    Regional AGM 60.00
    Social Trips surplus 215.82 AGM buffet and hall hire 185.00
    Widows Xmas cards 32.23
    J. Meggison refund 40.00
    B. Foy- Set up website 250.00
    Total Income £4,485.69 Total Expenditure £3,705.36
    Balance on 31st December 2015 £11,267.52
    Surplus for 2016 £780.33
    Balance on 31st December 2016 £12,047.85

  13. Membership Secretary’s Report
    The Branch membership currently stands at 289. This comprises of 2 Life members, 236 full members, 37 widowed members, 6 associate members, 8 additional members.During the past year we have lost. Members – Phil Baxter, Dave Lowe, Ada Dolby, Brian Reynolds, Georgina Kaye, Eric Seager (transferred to MPS), Mick Bannister, Joe(Laurence)Street
    Non-members who will have been well known to many – Ron Parsons, Mick Burch, Terry Ford, Harry Burrell, Derek Gibbons, Alan Millard, George Davis, Graham(Chalky)White, Roy Widdecombe, Adrian Howells
    New members – Arthur Hunt, Ann Pallant, RM Rogers, Philip Saunders, Stephen Lodge, Simon Werrett, Ray Andrews, Martin Edwards, Victor Conran, Simon Conquest, James Cousen, Philip Golding, Maureen(Mo)Bridge, Nic Brownlee, Simon Wootton.
    Forms were requested by Bob Bruce and Peter Rouse but not returned

  15. Social Secretary’s Report
    Last year was pretty successful but with one obvious exception. We booked to attend a performance at the Genting Arena, Birmingham during December by Andre Rieu Orchestra. We had booked excellent seats and stay at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel. Unfortunately less than 48hours before the performances we received a telephone call to tell us that the performance was postponed, and in fact all UK tour performances were cancelled due to the illness of one of the orchestra. The performer later died, without wishing to appear unfeeling I could not understand how the absence of one performer, in fact a trombonist, in an orchestra the size of Andre Rieu’s could result in the postponement of a whole UK tour. Nonetheless we were faced with a decision to make for 48 people, we could not get a full refund from the hotel. We opted to go ahead with those that wished to join us with a weekend in Birmingham to take in the German Christmas Market. Everyone got a full refund from the concert ticket.This illustrates the issues we can be left with if we don’t take care and demonstrates why we ensure that we deal with reputable suppliers and sign contracts that protect us as well as the supplier.
    Looking forward to this year it seems to be going quite well. We had to cancel the originals holiday planned for Bournemouth due to lack of support and arranged another to Yorkshire taking in the moors, the dales and many places of interest. We shortened it to 6 days and re-negotiated a lower rate with the hotel. The result being that it includes all we had originally planned plus more for less. We still have room for more.
    A trend that has developed is folk calling well after the pay due date to ask if we have seats for shows etc. In most cases we contacted our booking agent and were able to help. That causes extra work, so if you atre thinking of booking please contact us before the pay due date as we will have tickets available, but after that date we return them to the agent and pay for those that have been booked. Please help us to help you.
    Overall things are going well and we are feeling pretty well supported although it would be lovely to see some new faces. To those who help on our trips our thanks, we have some great ‘Trolley Dollies’ and I particularly want to thank those who have helped me personally, I’ve not been on top form and can’t thank you enough. As always thanks to the rest of your committee who are unstinting in their support and have baled us out on occasions and in particular to Lyn for her support and help and for keeping me in check at times.

  17. Welfare Officer’s Report Apologies from David and Hilary.Deceased members Brian Reynolds who died and was buried in France. A sympathy card was sent. Joe Street
    Non members Roy Widdecombe, Adrian Howells. The funerals have taken place.
    Illnesses. Non members John Kreyling info received from Jack Lawmon that John has suffered a mild heart attack. A get well card was sent.
    Geoff Acreman. Info from Brian Lewis that Geoff was on oxygen but no address known to allow any follow up action.
    David asks should non members receive the same attention as members?
    Widows. At Xmas cards were sent to widows. However some may have been missed out because their husbands had not joined NARPO when they retired. Should we encourage them to join in their own right?
    At present we send a £25 gift voucher to members who attain the age of 90.
    I would like to propose that the age be lowered to 80.
    Under Data Protection Act dates of birth cannot be revealed by Force HQ, so members need to keep Welfare updated if they are aware of any approaching 80th birthdays.

  19. Election of officers for 2017/2018 It was proposed from Brian Macmanara that if the committee were willing to stand again they should be elected en-bloc, seconded by George Cook and carried.

  21. Any Other Business
    It was asked by Brian Lewis –There is a lot of money in our account is there any suggestion how to spend it? The Treasurer replied that it seemed a lot but it must be borne in mind that when Mike books a trip[ or holiday deposits have to be paid , this where the money goes until your money is collected. The balance usually remains around the £12,000 by the end of the year.Brtian Flynn then asked if an Honorarium be paid to the Social Secretary again this year the same as last year the sum of £300. Proposed by Tony Moore and seconded by Tony Ashdowne and carried.
    Dave Downing then said that he did a charity walk last year in thanks fore the help he received which raised £1650 and would like to thank all those that donated.

  23. Narpo/White Helmet Xmas Social Friday 15th December 2017

  25. Date for the next A.G.M. Friday 23rd March 2018 (Provisional)

After a refreshment break our guest speaker then did his presentation.

The meeting then closed at 9-45pm

NARPO Southend Branch Minutes AGM 2017

George Cross Police Constable Keith Palmer

George Cross Police Constable Keith Palmer


Ken Wright, one of the members of the Southend Branch, has contacted NARPO HQ with the below message. Members may wish to contact their MP to reiterate Ken’s views. Ken did get a response from NARPO which is added whilst a response from the Metropolitan Police is still awaited.

Ken’s Message:

I would like to make a suggestion, for the consideration, of the George Cross to be awarded to the family of Pc Palmer, who was tragically murdered yesterday in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster. I do recognise and appreciate that Pc Palmer was a serving Metropolitan Police officer and that, as such, the Police Federation may already be making these moves, too have this officer’s heroic actions formally acknowledged. If this is the case then perhaps NARPO could offer their support to the Federation’s own campaign?

As the events of yesterday are being unfurled it appears that Pc Palmer, although mortally wounded, attempted to pursue his attacker and fell some distance from where the incident at the gate had occurred. Both his courage and tenacity should be honoured with an award from Her Majesty’s Government and the British people.

I do intend to write to my MP, Rebecca Harris (Castle Point), with this suggestion. Mrs Harris has always, in the past, supported issues which I have raised with her.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Wright

NARPO Reply:

Many thanks for your reply. I do understand, but as you know time moves on and things get lost in the long grass as memories fade. Our Police Service has, as others, suffered from budget cuts from this, and other recent Governments, and because of this our service to the public has likewise suffered. As the events earlier this week in London have shown, all our Emergency Services have performed with professionalism and efficiency and that the public have seen this first hand, with to-days instant media and our citizen’s technological skills. Our Service went forward not backwards to deal with the threat, and this should not be forgotten.

Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”

Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”

Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”

I would like to take this opportunity to publicise Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project” if you think it is suitable to circulated within this arena.

This is a letter that asks for support from anyone who would like to be associated by helping with our Project, or would just like to be generally aware of one of the services Southend has to offer disabled people.

I have pleasure in attaching a comprehensive description of the aims and present requirements of the Music Man Project, and have also taken the opportunity of attaching some web-links below which will provide an insight into what is being achieved.

This Project was started in Southend a few years ago by David Stanley MMus BMus PGCE NPQH, a very well qualified and dynamic musician, and it is the UK’s first full-time music education service specifically for adults and children with learning disabilities.

David would like his Syllabus Portfolio and teaching methods to spread nationally, to be used by learning centres and care homes for all disabled people. In support of this aim, OFSTED has commended the project’s excellence as ‘Outstanding’, and it has been endorsed by the previous Prime Minister David Cameron and our local MPs. It caters for local Special Schools in the Southend area, and has grown with other MMP centres now set up in Benfleet, Chelmsford, Maldon, East Sussex, London, Northern Ireland and beyond.

The Music Man Project is completely self funding, therefore it is naturally hoped that we may be able to enlist help from other organisations, along with sponsors in order to continue this valuable service.

David earlier produced a documentary explaining his quest in promoting music over many years amongst disabled people. This is the original launch documentary which I ask you please to look at firstly.

The link will lead you to MMPTV, containing events, current information and supporting testimonials.

You may like to spend time at a later date to enjoy their London Palladium performance of 2015 below.
Palladium show Act 1:

Palladium show Act 2:

The MMP is now associated with The Royal College of Music:

I will be pleased if you would pass this on to others who you think may be interested in order increase public awareness of this unique Service .

I wonder if members would be interested in attending our next musical performance on Sunday 15th October at the Palladium, which will include a performance commemorating the 70th anniversary of Mencap and the life of Lord Brian Rix. Tickets are free, and obtained from the MMPTV link.

I do hope you have pleasure in viewing these links, and thank you again for spending time here learning about Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”.

Yours sincerely,

Trevor Jewell JP. IEng MIET
01702 466209
07930 862287
Facebook: The Music Man Project
Twitter: @MusicManProject

Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”

Run by the local charity, Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project” is the UK’s first full-time music education service specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities. It was founded in South Essex by former Deputy Head Teacher David Stanley to meet a growing demand from parents for regular and accessible musical opportunities for their children. His aim was to access the innate musicality in everyone, regardless of their learning difficulty or special educational need. David initially established a weekly music school in 2001 and then in 2012, shortly after qualifying as a Head Teacher, he left his mainstream secondary school post to launch a full-time specialist charitable provision. His approach centers on education, enjoyment and performance through the teaching of his original music at special schools, colleges, care homes, weekly music schools and daily adult classes in the community.

The Music Man Project now operates in Essex, Suffolk, Sussex, London (in partnership with the Royal College of Music), Northern Ireland and South Africa. Although delivery style and time frames may differ, The Music Man Project provides the same opportunities afforded to aspiring mainstream musicians by offering the best tuition, instruments, musical repertoire and performance platforms available. It delivers inspirational performances which raise awareness and challenge public misconceptions. Some large events have been entertaining runners at the London Marathon, closing Royal Mencap’s first national conference in Liverpool, performing in concert at the Royal College of Music and presenting its own West End show at the world-famous London Palladium. The Music Man Project’s charity single topped the Amazon Broadway chart and the e-book, “Music is Magic: The Story of the Music Man Project” led the Amazon Kindle Special Education chart. It has been short-listed to the final of the Music Teachers Awards for Excellence twice in the last three years (Best SEN Resource category) and has just won the 2016 Kids Count Inspiration Best Creative Contribution Award. The Music Man Project has been described as tremendous by the Prime Minister and outstanding by OFSTED.

The Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project” supports doctoral research at the Royal College of Music into the effect of musical participation on health and well-being for people with learning disabilities. The partnership, initiated through Maldon regional director and Royal College PhD student, Natalie Bradford, includes performances, workshops and undergraduate training to prepare the next generation of specialist music educators in this sector. David Stanley is a sought-after authority in this field and he helps other organisation’s set up their own version of his original model in communities around the UK and beyond. In 2016 he led a 10-day teaching and research trip to South Africa, working in children homes, day centers and an orphanage. David’s original songs, instrumental arrangements and teaching strategies are collated in ‘The Music Man Project Songbook”, with lyrics by Southend regional director, Jenny Hitchcock. This yet to be published resource has been developed over the past 16 years specifically for students with a learning disability and is shared free of charge, along with training, mentoring and support to other musicians, schools, charities and arts organisation’s.

The Music Man Project develops the musical instinct that lies within us all to instill confidence, self-esteem and as a vehicle for joy and emotional expression. Rather than focusing on their disability, all students are treated as musicians and Southend Mencap, the charity which runs the project, has only the highest aspirations for what can be achieved by everyone involved in this unique innovation. The musical outcomes are presented to the public in large-scale performances as a way of educating the wider society about what people with disabilities can do rather than what they need. David Stanley campaigns for equal opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities to perform at the most prestigious concert venues and high-profile events. The Music Man Project returns to the London Palladium on Sunday October 15th this year.

Southend Mencap is seeking financial support to maintain and develop such a life-changing service for hundreds of families. Specific requirements have been identified over-page.

Southend Mencap Registered Charity 1078686
For more information visit
Facebook: The Music Man Project Twitter: @MusicManProject Email:

1. Transport

Southend Mencap has recently acquired a second-hand mini bus but the vehicle requires over £1000 worth of repairs now, plus tax and insurance in the coming years. A mini-bus would greatly assist the day-to day operation of The Music Man Project, transporting instruments and students to teaching venues and concerts. This will enable more people to access existing services and facilitate many more opportunities in the future, such as performances further afield and a Music Man Project touring group. Sponsors of The Music Man Project mini-bus would be publicly recognised by their logo transferred onto the vehicle.

2. The Music Man Project Songbook and Accompanying CD

Developed over the past 16 years, The Music Man Project Songbook is a collection of 25 original songs and arrangements written specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities. Southend Mencap would like to publish this unique resource for the benefit of more teachers, families, musicians and students so that our music and teaching strategies can impact thousands more people. The accompanying CD will be professionally recorded and sold with sheet music and lyrics, with all proceeds going back into the charity. The cost of the CD recording and songbook printing is approx. £5000.

3. Music is Magic at the London Palladium, Sunday 15th October 2017

This concert will be the biggest ever celebration of learning disability music in the UK. It will feature over 100 students from South Essex, supported by new students from London, Suffolk and Sussex and accompanied by professional choirs and orchestras. The event will feature a world record attempt for the largest ever triangle ensemble (our target is 1000 triangles) and the premiere of a new musical adaptation of “The Label”, a moving story by disability campaigner Caroline White (published by Ivy Press). For this event to go ahead, Southend Mencap needs to find funding for the following aspects of the production:

• Between 500-1000 triangles at £3 each
• Project and screen hire (£500)
• Staging and seating hire (£500)
• Payment for the on-stage band (£500)
• Musical arrangements (£1500)
• Production of souvenir programmes (£1000)

Sponsorship of the London Palladium show will be publicly acknowledged by presence on the poster and souvenir program, and an invitation to the VIP reception held by Royal Mencap.

4. Student Subsidy

Some adults in South Essex can no longer afford to attend Music Man Project teaching sessions and their care providers have asked if there is a subsidy or sponsorship scheme to allow them to continue an activity which they greatly enjoy and benefit hugely from. Southend Mencap would like to establish a fund to address this problem, with careful safeguarding measures in place to ensure those clients in most need are the ones that are helped.

5. Instrument Fund

For the purchase, renewal and maintenance of musical instruments and equipment (drums, tambourines, PA systems)

6. New Centres Fund

– for the training, mentoring and observation of new tutors and provision of start-up equipment for new centres (instruments, sound equipment, teaching resources) so that other organisation can deliver our teaching model

International Development Fund

– for specific international projects such as South Africa and Northern Ireland in 2016. Please see

Southend Mencap’s “Music Man Project”