Cenotaph Parade & Service 2019

Cenotaph Parade & Service 2019

The Royal British Legion will, as usual, be organising the Ex-Service and Civilian Contingents attending the Parade and Service at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2019.

Like last year, NARPO has applied to the Royal British Legion to send a contingent of Thirty-Six (36) members, to take part in this unique national event, in the heart of London.

Due to heightened security measures, the Metropolitan Police need to conduct individual security checks on all participants. Therefore, basic personal information will need to be provided in advance for each applicant.

Ticket holders will need to bring both photographic ID and a document showing proof of address with them for access to Horse Guards Parade via the staffed Police entry points on the day.

We are now taking applications from Branches, to take part in the Parade and Service.
Those applications must include the following information to enable us to complete the online electronic application process:

  • Title/Rank
  • First Name (this must be the name on photo ID)
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (please use the format DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Place of Birth
  • First line of address
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Military number (where applicable)

Please note that owing to security checks on attendees, last-minute replacements are not possible as the tickets are in the Member’s name.

We will endeavour to be as fair as possible in the allocation of tickets, to give the whole country the opportunity to be represented, with preference given to those who have not previously attended.

If you are interested please supply details by email to: Sue Heaton prior to 30th June 2019 to allow for spaces to be allocated and security checks to take place