Chelmsford Branch NARPO Essex
Newsletter 1/2018

Chelmsford Branch NARPO Essex Newsletter 1/2018

Chelmsford Branch NARPO Essex Newsletter 1/2018

Well we have reached the time for the first Newsletter of 2018 after a few difficult months for the Branch therefore unusually and without further ado I will go straight to the Chairman’s Update:

Chairmans Update

“Regretfully I must start my update with an apology to all our widow and widower members. As you will know, for several years the Branch has provided you with a Christmas Gift. Unfortunately, the sad loss of our Treasurer last autumn has presented us with significant difficulties obtaining access to Branch Funds. Those funds are secure but it has been difficult for our temporary Treasurer to ‘jump through the various hoops’ as required by our bankers. At the time of writing, I am hopeful that we have now complied with all their requirements and normal service should be resumed shortly.

Our AGM has been arranged for 20:00 hours on Monday 30th April 2018 at the usual venue, The Essex Police Sports & Social Club, off St. Margaret’s Road, Chelmsford, CM2 6DA (at the rear of the Essex Police College). Please come along and support this event, it is your opportunity to have your say and help elect members to the Branch Committee.

Following the death of our Treasurer, Don Windus, last year we are now in need of a permanent Treasurer to commence their duties after the AGM. If any member is interested in volunteering for the position, please contact me: Roy Scanes: to discuss the requirements by 31st March 2018. Although this is a vital appointment for the Branch the duties are not onerous. If you can help please make contact.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Welfare Team, Tim Stokes and John Andrews, for their dedicated work in looking after our colleagues when in need. If you think we can help you or you are aware of one of our members who would benefit from our assistance, please make contact via our Tim Stokes by 30th June 2018.

Robert Good
Branch Chairman

Optelec ONYX 0CR – Transportable Desktop Magnifier

At the Branch Committee Meeting in January John Andrews advised us of an item of equipment generously donated by one of our Members which is available on loan for use by any of our Members who may be in need of such a device. Details have been placed on our website, however for those without a computer I will give the details.

Optelec ONYX 0CR – Transportable Desktop Magnifier

With the aid of this device a person can magnify and read from newspapers and magazines on their desk, view images at a distance, view themselves and even listen to documents as they are read aloud.

Key benefits/features:

  • Transportable design with carry handle
  • 24-inch full colour TFT widescreen
  • Working height beneath camera 41.6cm/16.4 inches
  • Weighs 11.7 kg/25.8 lbs
  • 4-in-1 autofocus high definition camera
  • Powerful magnification 1.7x to 131x
  • High contrast colours for fluent reading
  • Full colour display for viewing photographs and magazines
  • Tactile, easy to see controls

Any Member who believes they can make use of the device please contact Welfare Officer John Andrews.

Your Pension

Our Secretary Roy SCANES has been busily involved in Pension issues and recently circulated to all Members on email important details which were received from Wakefield and which I publish below for those Members without email:

Dear Member,

Please find below an important message regarding widows and widowers pensions circulated by our National office earlier this week.

If you need to contact the Essex Police Pensions Department at County Hall, their contact number is 01245 431666.

Kind regards

Roy Scanes
Chelmsford Branch

Important Pension News

Were you a serving officer in 1972 or 1990?

If so you will have been given the opportunity to uprate your widow[er] pension.

We have recently been made aware of an issue in relation to the inadequate retention of important pension records around the election made by Officers in 1972, when an option was given to up-rate their widows pension entitlement from a third to a half.

The issue initially arose where a NARPO member died and told his wife before he died to make sure she received the half-rate pension as he had decided to up-rate. The Pension Authority could find no records relating to the officer’s pension in 1972 and as a result made the decision that they would only pay the widows pension at the rate of a third. The officer in question had transferred from another Force and it would appear that his pension record was not transferred over with him. The widow was adamant, but nevertheless the Pension Authority refused to up-rate the pension despite their being no record whatsoever covering his previous service.

Owing to the widows’ persistence and with assistance from our local NARPO Branch, the widow managed to find her late husband’s records in a separate location. That file contained a form signed by her husband in 1973 showing that he had elected to increase the widow pension entitlement through reduction in his own pension.

In correspondence with the Force concerned they have confirmed that in the absence of any records being found from 1972 they would automatically pay the widows pension at the rate of a third.

This record keeping issue could also affect those female officers serving in 1990, when an opportunity was given for them to ‘buy back’ previous service so that it attracted a half rate widower’s pension. This should be recorded on their pension records. Make sure your loved one receives the pension to which they are entitled.


Moving on, as I mentioned in the December Newsletter, I had been expecting some items that may be of interest for inclusion in this Newsletter but as yet I still have not received them.

I made a plea in the last Newsletter for Members to notify me of any change of circumstances (addresses, telephone numbers, emails etc). I received no emails and assumed that everything is probably in good order until I just checked my deliberate mistake! My email in the last Newsletter is recorded without the figures ’73’ and should read as recorded at the end of this Newsletter.


All Obituaries are recorded on the Chelmsford Branch website of those colleagues whose details have been reported to Essex Police. In keeping with my usual practice, I also record the details below particularly for those Members who do not have access to a computer and they are as follows:

  • Former Constable John COLEMAN who died on 14 November 2017 aged 83 years
  • Former Sergeant Stanley BILLINGS who died on 27 November 2017 aged 86 years
  • Former Detective Inspector Richard BLOCK who died on 22 December 2017 aged 67 years
  • Former Chief Inspector Anthony BELFORD who died on 8 January 2018 aged 76 years
  • Former Constable Arthur GREEN who died on 22 December 2017 aged 84 years
  • Former Constable Trevor BRAND who died on 6 January 2018 aged 65 years
  • Former Constable William PEPPER who died on the 17 January 2018 aged 85 years
  • Former Constable Peter WATTS who died on 24 January aged 69 years
  • Former Constable Gordon ELLIOTT who died on 9 February 2018 aged 78 years

NARPO Centenary year of 2019

The following has been received from the Chief Executive of NARPO on 27 February:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that HRH The Princess Royal has very kindly agreed to be our Patron in our Centenary year of 2019.

The Patronage will be for 2019 only and I would add that NARPO is extremely proud and delighted to have secured Royal Patronage as NARPO celebrate its Centenary.

Planning is well underway for our Centenary events which include a Centenary Dinner at The Tower of London on Thursday 13th June 2019 and Branches have already been informed of ticketing details.
Further information regarding our Centenary events can be found on our website at:

This page will be updated as and when further details and information become available.

I will be meeting with the Chairman and Secretary on 27th February when, hopefully, we will at last be able to send out the Vouchers to our Widow Members. Finally, please give some thought to attending either or both the AGM and the summer Committee Meetings.

Yours sincerely

Brian Ladd
Brian Ladd on email
01245 284652