George Cross Police Constable Keith Palmer


Ken Wright, one of the members of the Southend Branch, has contacted NARPO HQ with the below message. Members may wish to contact their MP to reiterate Ken’s views. Ken did get a response from NARPO which is added whilst a response from the Metropolitan Police is still awaited.

Ken’s Message:

I would like to make a suggestion, for the consideration, of the George Cross to be awarded to the family of Pc Palmer, who was tragically murdered yesterday in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster. I do recognise and appreciate that Pc Palmer was a serving Metropolitan Police officer and that, as such, the Police Federation may already be making these moves, too have this officer’s heroic actions formally acknowledged. If this is the case then perhaps NARPO could offer their support to the Federation’s own campaign?

As the events of yesterday are being unfurled it appears that Pc Palmer, although mortally wounded, attempted to pursue his attacker and fell some distance from where the incident at the gate had occurred. Both his courage and tenacity should be honoured with an award from Her Majesty’s Government and the British people.

I do intend to write to my MP, Rebecca Harris (Castle Point), with this suggestion. Mrs Harris has always, in the past, supported issues which I have raised with her.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Wright

NARPO Reply:

Many thanks for your reply. I do understand, but as you know time moves on and things get lost in the long grass as memories fade. Our Police Service has, as others, suffered from budget cuts from this, and other recent Governments, and because of this our service to the public has likewise suffered. As the events earlier this week in London have shown, all our Emergency Services have performed with professionalism and efficiency and that the public have seen this first hand, with to-days instant media and our citizen’s technological skills. Our Service went forward not backwards to deal with the threat, and this should not be forgotten.