Injured On Duty Pensioners Association

Injured On Duty Pensioners Association

Dear Colleagues,

I have received the attached email from Tom Curry, a NARPO member for information only. The content is unedited and the material contained within the email contains the views and opinions of the writer Tom Curry and are therefore not necessarily the views of the Police Federation and NARPO.

Kind regards,

Susan Heaton

Branch Secretary, Chelmsford

Dear Colleague,

Many members may still not be aware of ‘Injured On Duty Pensioners Association’ a national charity which supports injured on duty police officers.It is really worth knowing the great support and advice available from IODPA.

As many may know IOD’s always received robust, lacking in compassion and thoroughly unfair treatment from PPA’s, Sussex being one of the worst.

I know I do not need to tell you that it’s all about budgets and not fairness and compassion. For years now IOD medical reviews have been suspended in Sussex but that will not continue forever.

Sussex PPA are among the many who have been afraid to make a move due to frequent and pending Judicial Reviews and challenges throughout the country in Staffs and Northumbria (being the worst of the worst.) and mainly at the instigation and with the support of IODPA.

Some PPA’s are now believed to be about to reinstate medical reviews but others are being more cautious and awaiting the outcome of JC’s etc. and further Home Office advice. The further HO guidance after many years may never come as it appears the HO have no interest now after a previous attack on IOD awards via HO Guidance was ruled unlawful at High Ct.

Prior to the forming of IODPA, IOD’s were vulnerable to the unlawful actions of some PPA’s because of being isolated and uninformed as to their rights, particularly in the respect of accessing medical records and personal details not covered by the Regs. BUT have been pursued by PPA’s and have been handed-over due to lack of the recipients rights knowledge and the unlawful threat of ‘withholding pensions’

National Narpo and Fed. in the past were perhaps not as supportive as they could have been and hence IODPA was conceived out of necessity.

I think being a member of IODPA is worth huge consideration IN ADDITION to Narpo. It specialises in IOD’s and therefore the knowledge they provide of rights and of what is going on in addition to the support and unity is invaluable to an IOD.

IODPA are unique in there being a forum chat site available 24/7 where one can chat to other UK IODPA members , share concerns and seek advice from other members and the Trustees are are also available for guidance almost 24/7. This forum is very friendly and you get to know each other from all around the UK. It also often acts similar in support as ‘The Samaritan’s’ do, in always there being someone there willing to listen to concerns. Quite honestly it is brilliant!

IODPA have a website which can be viewed here IODPA. I urge any IOD member to acquaint themselves with what IODPA offer, which may assist in protecting their IOD award IF once again as in the past it is threatened by Sussex PPA when medical reviews are reinstated.

If anyone in receipt of an IOD and would like to contact me, Tom Curry, for more information please do so. My email address is Tom Curry

Kind regards,

Tom Curry