Memorials dedicated to former Southend officers at HD Police Station

Memorials dedicated to former Southend officers HD Police Station

A message from Jim Dickinson

You will be aware that Memorials in remembrance of former Southend Borough officers killed in The Great War and the second world war have been displayed on a wall opposite the entrance to Southend Police station. This position was not ideal due to the trees that have grown and were overhanging the memorials.

Fred Feather and I were of the opinion that they did not appropriately reflect the remembrance of our former colleagues. With the support of the Essex Police Memorial Trust, of which we are both trustees, we secured funding to have the memorials refurbished. With the help of Scott Cannon, Divisional Commander, the memorials have now been moved to a more suitable position alongside the entrance to the police station.

I would be grateful if you would draw this to the attention of NARPO members who may wish to view the memorials when passing.

Any one interested in reading the background relating to the Southend officers killed in The Great war should visit the Essex Police Memorial Trust site and look for information relating to WW1, the information is recorded under the respective names.