NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter June 2019

NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter June 2019

Chair’s Introduction to June Newsletter

Thank you to those members who were able to support us at the AGM in April. I’m pleased to say that the anticipated changes to the Committee were formalised at the meeting. I am delighted to welcome Sue Heaton as Branch Secretary, Andy Drane as Branch Treasurer, Anne Walker as a Welfare Officer and Gary Sanderson as Newsletter Editor and Website Manager. Your Branch has a strong Committee, our primary focus is on welfare of our members, if we can do anything to help you or another member please let us know. We would also welcome any new ideas as to how you would like to see the Branch develop.

As you know this year represents the 100th anniversary of NARPO and the three Essex Branches will be sponsoring the Essex Police Garden Party on 2nd August as part of our celebrations. Entry will be free for all police pensioners. We look forward to seeing you there.

Following our recent free draw, two members and their partners will be attending a formal celebratory dinner at the Tower of London on 13th June, hosted by NARPO Head Office. Good luck to them, we look forward to your feedback in due course.

Sue Heaton and I will be representing the Branch at a Parliamentary Reception to be held on 17th July.

As you read this issue the Branch will have joined with others at the Essex Police Remembrance Event to formally remember all colleagues who have died in service. The event also marked the 30th anniversary of the sad death of Constables Steve Taylor and Andy Morrison following a diving incident. As a former FSU Commander I knew them both personally and I am proud to have represented NARPO, with other colleagues, at this event.

Chelmsford, Southend and Colchester Branches will be holding a joint meeting at the HQ Sports and Social Club, Headquarters, at 1930 hours on 19th August. If you can get along we will be pleased to see you there.

Your Secretary and I will be attending NARPO Annual Conference in September.

We are still planning to hold a Saturday morning get together later in the year. Details will be announced on the website once they become available.

I hope you enjoy the summer and look forward to meeting you at the Garden Party.


Robert Good
Branch Chair

Newsletter Information / Events and News

It’s that time again that I say a few words to colleagues and indeed friends that have joined or are already members of the ‘after Essex police club’ and would still like to know what’s happening. As stated before but I make no apologies for repeating myself, NARPO is here to help you!

If you are in need of assistance or help in anything whatsoever, are aware of colleagues who could make use of a helping hand or indeed just want someone to talk to, please feel free to contact any one of us on the committee. Our contact details can be found on the website in the first instance or I am happy to be contacted at Gary Sanderson and take a message and ensure it gets to the correct/most appropriate person to assist you.

Please don’t sit there in silence …………………………………………

Bob, in his introduction spoke about various events that we are getting involved in this year and I would like us to be able to be involved in much more. Without mentioning any names on here a colleague has recently been heard to say and I quote “ NARPO cannot become just a savings club…….”

Therefore, if any of our members have any ideas of activities/events or just a good old get together, then please pass these onto me so that I can forward them to the committee on your behalf. NARPO exists for its members and although I would never want to force anybody to do things that they did not want to do, I also strongly believe that after retirement our members still very much would like to stay in touch with friends and colleagues made over many years of service and that’s where we can help.

That brings me on nicely to details of some further events you might be interested in attending:

3rd August 2019

(The day after the pensioners garden party)

Police cadet 50th-anniversary reunion party.

This is to be held at the HQ sports and social club and starts at 7pm.
I’m told there will be live music and I being an ex-cadet would love to see some old (or not so in some cases) faces there to “Swing the lamp”.

I genuinely hope to see some of you there

19th August 2019 – Joint NARPO committee meeting

Chelmsford, Colchester and Southend branches are holding a joint meeting at the HQ sports and social club starting at 7.30pm.

I am keen to encourage as many of our members to attend this meeting to show the other branches our strength as a branch and to give you all a voice to ask anything, suggest additional ways to assist or to give ideas for future events. Therefore, if you can spare an hour or so please come along and say hello and who knows we might even be able to grab a cheeky beer after.

10th November 2019 – Cenotaph parade 2019

The Royal British Legion will, as usual, be organising the Ex-Service and Civilian Contingents attending the Parade and Service at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2019.Cenotaph-Parade-&-Service-2019

Like last year, NARPO has applied to the Royal British Legion to send a contingent of Thirty-Six (36) members, to take part in this unique national event, in the heart of London.

Due to heightened security measures, the Metropolitan Police need to conduct individual security checks on all participants. Therefore, basic personal information will need to be provided in advance for each applicant.
Ticket holders will need to bring both photographic ID and a document showing proof of address with them for access to Horse Guards Parade via the staffed Police entry points on the day.

We are now taking applications from Branches, to take part in the Parade and Service.

Those applications must include the following information to enable us to complete the online electronic application process:

First Name (this must be the name on photo ID)
Last Name
Date of Birth (please use the format DD/MM/YYYY)
Place of Birth
First line of address
Military number (where applicable)

Please note that owing to security checks on attendees, last-minute replacements are not possible as the tickets are in the Member’s name.

We will endeavour to be as fair as possible in the allocation of tickets, to give the whole country the opportunity to be represented, with preference given to those who have not previously attended.

If you are interested please supply details to Sue Heaton prior to 30th June 2019 to allow for spaces to be allocated and security checks to take place

12th October 2019 – General get together/meet up

One of our members, Peter Sharpe, has suggested that we should have a regular meet up where social events can take place or guest speakers can attend and discuss various subjects of interest. The first of these meetings has been planned for Saturday 12th October 2019 and this will take place between 10.30am -12.30 pm. At this stage, I would just like to show have expressions of interest so that we can book an appropriate venue.

Peter has very kindly offered up to be the initial guest speaker at this event and I personally wish him the best of luck with this venture.

New NARPO Benefits Portal

The NARPO Benefits Portal is a new bespoke microsite developed for NARPO members by Hanson Financial Partners, with specially negotiated deals and personalised services for you and your family.

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The savings are delivered to you either via a discount code or rechargeable prepaid discount cards.

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    • These are just some of the offers and savings available from the new NARPO member benefits portal at Hanson Wealth

      Well, that’s it for another newsletter, as always please stay safe and don’t forget to ask if I/we can help you at all.

      Kind regards

      Gary Sanderson

      Newsletter editor and committee member


      NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter June 2019