NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter June 2018

NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter September 2018

Dear Member,

NARPO Chelmsford Branch Newsletter September 2018 – 3

In the last two Newsletters much was made of the Committee’s desire to achieve more Membership participation in the affairs of the Branch. You will recall that Tim STOKES put forward the idea that Members be invited to the AGM where the Branch would provide light refreshment and drinks in the hope that this would encourage more Members to attend and hopefully if so would engender discussion and perhaps identify areas where the Branch could be more proactive in helping and supporting Members (your) needs and/or giving greater assistance to Members (you).

From soundings taken by Committee Members it seemed that there were a number of Members who had indicated that they would attend such an informal gathering. The AGM was in April and unfortunately coincided with Tim being on holiday therefore the arrangement was agreed and made for an informal gathering on the evening of the Committee Meeting on Monday 16 July. Once again, we had collectively had indication that 20 to 30 Members would attend, therefore Tim arranged for sufficient food for such a gathering.

Sadly, on the night, which was a glorious evening weather-wise, just four Members attended therefore may I offer thanks to Barry HILTON, Michael GAMBLE, Paul SPOONER and Ian BROWN for making the effort.

This leads me to ask, on behalf of the Chairman, Secretary and Committee Members, is there anything you expect of us that is not being done. Please email me with any views you feel appropriate, as feedback, positive or negative, is clearly useful to us (this is repeated to some extent by our Chairman Bob Good in his report below).

With regard to the Committee we are now down to 10 Committee Members and are seeking two or three volunteers to join us particularly with a view to increasing our Welfare commitment. Any Member who is interested should contact our Secretary Roy Scanes via email as recorded at the head of this Newsletter.

The following is Bob GOOD’s report:

Bob Good - Chelmsford Chairman

“Back to normal now and the heatwave is virtually forgotten!

As far as NARPO is concerned the summer has been a relatively quiet period except, of course, for the sad loss of a number of our colleagues. Our condolences go to their families.

I would like to thank those members who attended our get together at the Sports and Social Club, Headquarters, on 16 July. Although the eventual numbers were fairly low, Tim Stokes had worked hard to make the event a success and your Committee were pleased that some of you were able to attend. The beer flowed, and sandwiches were consumed!

As previously reported your Branch will not be represented at the NARPO National Conference in Torquay this year but we will monitor the event with interest. All being well, we plan to resume our attendance in 2019.

We are still in need of someone with a few hours to spare to manage our website. Clearly some computer skills are required but all the ‘technical stuff’ is done by our colleague Brendan Foy from his base in Thailand. All we need is for someone to ensure the content remains up to date and is relevant. Probably no more than two or three hours a month and a quick email to Brendan. If you are interested, please contact me by email – click here

Please remember that your local Branch is here to help those members who find themselves in ‘less favourable circumstances’. In addition to our own resources, we have access to the Benevolent Fund and other areas of support. If you, or another member that you are aware of, needs support or just an informal chat, please contact our Secretary, Roy Scanes, and he will put you in touch with our Welfare Officer.”


Robert Good


The following are obituaries notified to us by Essex Police and relate to colleagues who have died since the last Newsletter:

  • Former Sergeant Alan FARR who died on 21 May 2018 aged 71 years
  • Former Constable Raymond LEE who died on 19 April 2018 aged 73 years
  • Former Constable Neville DEAL who died on 26 May 2018 aged 60 years
  • Former Detective Superintendent James KENNEALLY who died 22 May 2018 aged 83 years
  • Former Detective Sergeant Arthur MILLS who died on 14 May 2018 aged 94 years
  • Former Chief Inspector Peter ARMSON who died on 4 June 2018 aged 88 years
  • Former Detective Sergeant Peter DOXSEY who died on 27 May 2018 aged 93 years
  • Former Sergeant Edward (Ted) HART who died on 15 June 2018 aged 91 years
  • Former Detective Constable Leslie Gordon BENNETT who died on 22 June 2018 aged 89 years
  • Former Sergeant David ASHWORTH who died on 7 July 2018 aged 85 years
  • Former Chief Inspector John Edward JOHNSON who died on 18 July 2018 aged 75 years
  • Finally, I record the sad death of Philip KNIGHT known to everyone as ‘Phil the Tyre’ who worked at HQ Garage for 38 years.

Previous obituaries can be viewed here: Essex Police Obituaries

With the nights slowly drawing in and the morning dew more prominent we are heading rapidly towards Autumn. With nothing else to report at this time I will close by wishing you all good health.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Ladd

Brians Email