NARPO Chelmsford September Newsletter

NARPO Chelmsford September Newsletter

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1 September 2017

Dear Member,

NARPO Chelmsford September Newsletter 2017

I trust everyone has had a good summer because here we are at that time when the nights are drawing in and there is dampness in the early morning. It has been a busy time for my wife and me with holidays in Italy in May/June and 30 days in Florida July/August. For the gardeners among us the summer is not a good time to go away therefore it was necessary to arrange for the grass to be cut and plants watered however we are lucky to have really good neighbours who all look out for one another which helps to give peace of mind when the house and garden will be empty for some time.

With a very dry spring and early summer that delivered little or no rain for weeks I was beginning to despair that there would be a relatively poor return in fruit and vegetables this year but nature always seems to redress the balance and we have returned to the apple and pear trees laden down and nearly ready to pick. The vegetables are now looking good and swelling out so there is much to be grateful for.

Your Committee met on 10 July and one of the items for discussion was a proposal from Tim STOKES to seek to make the night of the AGM (until now held in early April) a more social event to encourage Members to attend and raise any issues, join in the proceedings and maybe meet old friends etc. The item was deferred to our October Meeting as Tim was unable to return from holiday in time, however I thought it might be useful to sound out you, the Membership, in an effort to find out whether this is something worth doing. I have deliberately not given any details of suggestions so far as it would be nice to receive some feedback from you. Therefore if anyone has a suggestion or contribution to make in this regard (positive or negative) will you please contact the Secretary Roy Scanes or any Committee Member including myself via email or in writing by 30 September 2017. (Email addresses can be found on the website and this Newsletter)

Now turning to other matters, let me first include a short report from our Chairman:

Chairman’s Report

“As some of you may know, our Treasurer, Don Windus, is currently suffering from a prolonged bout of illness and has spent a number of weeks in hospital.  His Treasurer’s responsibilities have temporarily been taken over by Roy Scanes, acting as Deputy Treasurer.  All relevant enquiries should be sent to Roy at Secretary

If you wish to send a message to Don, please forward to me at: Chairman and I will make sure your messages are passed on. Needless to say we all wish Don a speedy recovery.

Graham Furnival and I will be representing the Branch at the NARPO Annual Conference in Scarborough in early September. We will do our best to ensure the new rules are adopted for the benefit of all members.

You should all have received the latest edition of NARPO News in August. Take a look at the ‘Later Life Ambitions’ section which outlines the policy objectives. In short, these cover ‘social care’, ‘pensions’, ‘housing’, ‘universal benefits’ and ‘transport’.
All of these are food for thought!

Robert Good
NARPO – Chelmsford Branch

This last item to which Bob refers is a change in NARPO thinking at National level therefore for those of you that may have missed it I have included a ’straight lift’ from their recent email below:


Welcome to the August 2017 edition of ‘New Horizons’. Our e-update for NARPO members designed to keep you up to speed with all the latest legal updates, plus our exclusive member offers.


The world is changing. And so are we. We’ve widened our network and are offering more services than ever before. The best way to see this new approach in action is to visit our newly updated website, but we hope you’ll begin to notice it in all your dealings with us going forward. We believe that life doesn’t stop after the Police, it flourishes. It’s our ambition to help yours do just that. Visit our website >


Along with our trusted partners, Police Mutual, we’re just starting our journey towards better Health and Wellbeing for our members. We already offer 2 services – Respite Care and our Care Line – but we’d love to know where to head next. So we’ll be seeking our members’ thoughts over the coming months, as we further develop our Wellbeing offering. In the meantime, if you do have any ideas, you can email us with your thoughts and feedback. More on Wellbeing >


Pensions have always been important to everyone involved with NARPO. That’s not going to change. Pension Regulations and Case Law on the other hand, are constantly changing – such as the Injury Benefit Regulations to make ESA a deductible benefit. That’s why we’ve simplified the way you navigate the Pensions Section of our website, making it easier for you to find the information you need. Pensions made easy >


Later Life Ambitions. - NARPO Chelmsford NewsletterAs a key partner in Later Life Ambitions (LLA), NARPO are part of a powerful alliance of over a quarter of a million pensioners.

We, in partnership with the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance and National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, share a responsibility to make this collective voice heard, to ensure today’s decision makers confront the challenges of tomorrow. Why have we put our energy into this initiative? The recent election has highlighted some stand-out reasons around pensions and social care.

Read our thought piece to see some of the nation-changing impacts we’re seeking, and importantly how you, as a NARPO member, can help. Read the full article >


The National Executive Committee (N.E.C.) has just had their Executive Committee meeting. Of the topics discussed concerning key issues, the N.E.C. are strategically committed to our ‘Life after the Police’ direction, embracing broader services and innovative partnerships for a longer and more active retirement. These are exciting times for NARPO membership.

Please let us know what you think about the services we provide – it’s great to hear from you about the bits we do well but, just as importantly, where you think we can raise our game. Feedback from our members is invaluable and helps us look after you in the best way we can. You can email us at

The following has been received from one of our Members, Steve DALY, who is seeking help from some of our ‘older’ Members who writes:

“I have always had an interest in history, and joining the police service broadened this interest into “our history”.  In recent years I have been researching the Royal Review of the British Police Service in 1954, by Her Majesty the Queen – only the second time that such a review had ever taken place.

I know from documents that I have already been able to obtain, that both Essex Constabulary and the Southend-on-Sea Borough Constabulary were on parade that day.

Essex were formed up in Block 10, which was under the command of Captain F.R.J. Peel, CBE, MC, Chief Constable of Essex, together with officers from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Tyneside and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Superintendent A.S. Creasey of Southend-on-Sea Borough Constabulary assisted the Chief Constable of Wallasey in commanding Block 18, a contingent of officers from forces from the north-west of England!  While officers from the Southend force were part of Block 22, together with colleagues of borough forces from across the country and under the command of the Chief Constable of Leeds!

I am writing in the hope that you might be able and willing to canvas our branch members to see if any of them took part in the 1954 review, and if any of them are willing to share their recollections with me.  In addition, if any of them have any photographs or documents relating to the event that they are willing to have copied, I am more than happy to reimburse all reasonable expenses involved.

A similar enquiry via NARPO central office has, so far, produced some recollections and copies of photographs, etc. from a few members in various parts of England.  Equally, the British Transport police History Group have been exceedingly generous in their assistance in relation to their force.  I have also been in contact with the Essex Police Museum.”

If anyone is able to help Steve that can contact him direct via Steve Daly For those without email they can write to me or the Secretary and we will pass the details on.


One of our Members wished to bring the following to attention. The person concerned recently had to attend on an ‘urgent’ referral to his Local Hospital. Because this appointment was made quickly over the ‘phone to him from his GP there was no letter or relevant paperwork when he attended the Hospital. He was therefore surprised to be asked for 2 forms of identification to prove identity. This would appear to be in response to a tightening up of ‘the system’ at Hospitals which many of us would probably say is not before time however this is a cautionary tale for all Members who may otherwise be caught out in similar circumstances. I have attached an Appendix showing the details required by Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and am advised that all Hospitals are adopting the same or similar practice re identification


I have not as yet been made aware as whether a Branch Member has been or will be nominated to attend the Remembrance Day Parade in Whitehall. By the time of the next newsletter I hope to have details from the attendee as in previous years.

Sadly we reach the part of the newsletter where I record Obituary details from Essex Police of those who have died in the last 3 months.

Former Constable Henry CHRISTIE who died on 20 April 2017 aged 92 years
Former Constable John DOUBLE who died on 10 May 2017 aged 82 years
Former Constable David WILSON who died on 7 May 2017 aged 93 years
Former Constable David MITCHELL (known as Tom) who died on 30 May 2017 aged 91 years
Former Constable Westley CHILVERS who died on 14 June 2017 aged 104 years
Former Constable Barry James JOHNSON who died on 13 June 2017 aged 70 years
Former Inspector John FRENCH who died on 24 June 2017 aged 55 years
Former Inspector Robin Albert NADEN who died on 30 May 2017 aged 75 years
Former colleague Eric McCONKEY who died on 22 July 2017 aged 70 years. Eric served at Harlow in the 1970’s and subsequently transferred to West Mercia Police
Former Constable David BARNETT who died on 1 August 2017 aged 75 years

Yours sincerely,

Brian Ladd
+44 1245 284 652
email: Sandra & Brian Ladd



You attended an appointment at Addenbrookes Hospital today and did not bring with you the required documents that would enable us to properly assess whether you are eligible for free NHS treatment. Why do we need this additional information? These new processes will enable us to properly assess whether patients are eligible for free NHS treatment, in line with Department of Health regulations.

PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PROVIDE THIS DOCUMENTATION. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS AS WE ARE UNABLE TO RETURN DOCUMENTS. Please note that all copies will be destroyed once they have been validated and checked. To ensure that your records are updated please include your hospital number or date of birth on the correspondence.

Documentation can be presented in one of the three ways listed below;

EMAIL: Copies to be sent to


Send to Anne Woodall, Addenbrookes Hospital, Box224, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QQ.
RECEPTION: Please call in between 08.00 – 16.00 with your documentation to main reception and ask to bleep Anne Woodall on bleep 157891 or ext. 58994.


Documents that can be used as proof of identity are;

Current signed passport. Residence permit issued by UK Border Agency. Valid UK photo-card driving licence. EU or Swiss national identity photo-card.

Valid armed forces or police photographic identity card. Photographic disabled blue badge, Citizen card.
Documents that can be used as proof of address are listed below and they must contain your current address and be dated within the last six months. They must also be in your name. A recent original utility bill such as gas, electric, water, or landline telephone. (A Mobile telephone bill is not acceptable).

Council tax bill for the current year. Bank, building society or credit union statement passbook. Recent original mortgage statement from a recognised lender. Current council or housing association rent book or tenancy agreement. Notification letter from the Department for Work and Pensions confirming your right to benefits or a state pension.

NARPO Chelmsford Newsletter