NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 08 March 2020

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 23rd Sep ’19

Dear Members,


Our Branch website is at
You will find lots of information about the Branch including the latest newsletters and updates as well as details of forthcoming events. You can also link to the main NARPO site which has a wide range of useful information.

Reminder – 2020 Subscriptions are now due

Please see below message from our treasurer Andy Drane:

Many thanks to those of you who have already paid.

The minimum annual subscription is set by the NARPO National Executive Committee and is adjusted each January at the same rate as police pensions. For 2020, this is an increase of 1.7% to £21.48 (£21.12 in 2019). Chelmsford branch levies no more than this minimum amount.

If you pay by monthly deductions from your Essex Police pension, you need take no action as these have been adjusted automatically to £1.79 (previously £1.76). If you do not pay in this way, the whole amount of £21.48 is now due.

The preferred method of payment is via BACS (bank transfer) to the following account: NARPO (Chelmsford) sort code 30-91-85 account number 01268114 quoting your initials and surname as the reference.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please email Andy Drane for details of where to send it.

Please note that NO subscription is due from those members who are Life, spouse, widow or widower members or those members whose primary membership is with another branch.

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 08 March 2020

Simply Stride Masterclass 6th June

As you are aware I have been liaising with Karen Turrell founder of Simply Stride who gave a brief presentation regarding her company at our last get together.

I am pleased to say the committee have agreed to fund a masterclass which will give you a great opportunity to see the work this company offers and make a decision thereafter if you wish to attend further sessions at your own expense. You do not need any equipment etc. to attend the class which we are intending running from 1200-1300hrs following our morning get together at HQ on 6th June.

So please come along and try this FREE class out I am sure you will find it worthwhile and beneficial to your wellbeing. You do not have to attend the get together that morning if you don’t want to and can just turn up at 1200hrs following our meeting to take part in the class. The class can take 30 people which will be on a first come basis, so if you wish to take part please email me at Sue Heaton to secure your place.

Please see attached invite to this event here

Essex Police Returner Scheme

Please find attached information relating to retired officers re-joining Essex Police. In basic terms, you would need to have retired in the last 2 years. In addition, if you are successful in re-joining, pensions are abated and you are paid a salary. The only part of pension payable would be if previously in receipt of housing allowance and you would only get SE allowance on return. You are granted the difference in pension so you do not suffer a loss. Effectively, you would work for the difference between your current pension and salary. Details of the scheme can be found here with a list of FAQs here.

If you require any further information, please contact Essex Police HR.

The OFF BEAT POST February 2020 Edition

Please see the latest newsletter from retired Southend Branch member Bob Craven here

Living Kidney Donor Appeal

Please see attached appeal from a member in Leeds Branch:
I am writing in my capacity of Secretary of the Leeds Branch of NARPO (National Association of Retired Police Officers).
The following is an Appeal from a Leeds member’s son who is living in Australia:
All is not as it seems… This has been an incredibly hard one for me to come to terms with. Late last year I was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. Both of my kidneys have pretty much failed and I’m now weeks away from needing to go on dialysis.
For months and months I just assumed I was getting old, the tiredness, aches, pains, shortness of breath, I just thought “being mid 30’s really sucks”, but little did I know I was running on 14% kidney function and this has recently that’s dropped down to 10%.
Having just welcomed into the world my beautiful son Robin, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. The fear of not being able to provide and support my family is something that eats away at me every day. I have been guilty of letting this get the better of me, and I have been carrying a grey cloud over my head for weeks now!
Living here in Australia as a temporary resident has created its own problems, especially with regards to our long-term outlook on being able to stay here. Apparently, they aren’t too keen on immigrants with health issues.
Kidney disease is a pretty bleak illness; often with no known cause and worse still no cure. Unlike other organs in the body, the kidney cannot regenerate. Long story short, once they are damaged there is no healing them.
So, a transplant is the only long-term solution.
Now usually people turn to family for transplant donors but as many of you might know, I have a very small family that consists of my dad who is nearly 80 years old and my sister. Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was 16. I am adopted, which means I don’t have much of a lineage to call upon.
My sister has offered to come forward as a donor, for which I am unbelievably thankful; however, she has her own family with 4 kids which presents its own challenges. We are going through the necessary tests and matching but nothing is guaranteed.
So, this leaves me in a very desperate situation. With less than 4 months left until our visa expires, our hopes of getting a new visa without having completed a successful transplant means we will face deportation and I will most likely lose my job, home and livelihood.
Why am I telling you all this?… well, in the hope that someone with a compassionate, generous and loving heart will read this and come forward.
This is, without doubt, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and just putting these words down, means I must finally admit to myself, the reality of the situation.
I don’t take lightly the magnitude of what I am asking, but neither do I take lightly likelihood of not seeing my 40th birthday without a transplant.
If nothing else I want to raise your awareness to kidney disease; it almost always creeps up on people with little or no symptoms until it’s too late.
I’ve learned, you never know what someone is going on behind closed doors. Everything can appear perfect, but in reality; they are battling for their life, each day; so be kind wherever you can! ❤
If you feel it in your heart that you may wish to help me, please reach out 🙏
The family are willing to fund FULL COSTS e.g. airfare, full medical costs, loss of income, subsequent accommodation and living expenses for as long as it takes for full recovery for travel purposes.
Please feel free to share this as far and wide as possible as I feel there is someone out there who is waiting to help this young man.
If anyone wishes to respond to this appeal, please contact me
Tel: +44 (0)779 186 4260
or Email:
Kindest Regards

John Birkenshaw


(Leeds NARPO – Secretary)
National Association Of Retired Police Officers
Leeds & District Branch

AGE UK Social Care Petition

Please find the following link to the AGE UK social care petition

They have asked if we would share this online link with partner organisations, including NARPO

There is the opportunity to write into Freepost, Age UK Campaigns. Please send these in by 19th March

AGE UK will hand the petition into Number 10 on 23rd March.

Budget Day Survey

Later Life Ambitions members survey – the Budget

What would you do you like to see in the Chancellor’s forthcoming Budget on March 11th?

NARPO is a Member of Later Life Ambitions and we are asking our members to fill out this short survey to tell us what issues older people would like the Government to prioritise.

Fill in the survey here:

Survey Monkey

BBC One – VE Day 75

Please see the following request from the BBC:

BBC One are broadcasting a special programme celebrating VE Day 75 on May 8th.

We’re looking for as many people as possible to speak to about their memories of the Second World War. At this point, we’re collecting stories and also getting an idea of who might like to talk to the BBC, either at their home beforehand, or live in the studio on the day.

This could be you, or perhaps if you have a relative/neighbour/friend who lived through the war.

We’ll be speaking to veterans up until the end of March and we’ll be filming until the end of April (though the earlier the better!)

I’m on and +44 (0)3030 826 115 is my number.

That’s all for now , have a good week.

If you have any suggestions or items you wish me to include in newsletters, then please forward to me at Sue Heaton 😃

Sue Heaton

Secretary NARPO
Chelmsford Branch

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 08 March 2020