NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 23rd Sep ’19

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 18th Oct ’19

12th October Get Together Update and Future Dates

Just to update you with the get together that was held on 12th October at HQ. It was a very enjoyable morning with Peter giving a talk and members chatting and sharing stories with old colleagues. I was very pleased to see 19 members in attendance and we are actively planning future meetings.

The next meeting is planned for 7th December 10:30hrs where Paul Clancy who is a member of The Magic Circle will be talking about his interest and performing magic. I must admit I have seen him perform before and was fascinated at how skilful he is, this will be a very good event to attend.

I am just awaiting confirmation of the venue but am hoping it will be HQ so please save the date and let’s increase the group. We are then planning for 8th or 15th February date to be confirmed.

From Chairman Bob Good :-

As many of you will know, the original idea came from our member Peter Sharp. Your Committee supported the proposal and we had an enjoyable couple of hours reminiscing with friends and colleagues. Thank you to Peter, thank you to Sue, who made the arrangements, and a big thank you to everyone else who was able to attend. Please tell your friends so that we can do even better next time.

To allow our Branch Secretary to concentrate on her primary role, your Committee is keen to recruit a ‘Social Secretary’ to take on the coordinating role for future events of this nature. The successful candidate would be co-opted onto our committee, pending the next AGM. If you are interested in this voluntary role and have a few hours to spare each month, please contact Sue or me for an informal chat.

Travel Insurance

A word of advice which I have been asked to bring to your attention by one of our members using EP Travel Insurance.

If you make a claim ensure you read the small print for your entitlement. We were recently delayed for 24 hrs on our flight to USA and when I claimed they originally only paid up for one person. I queried this and told them there are two of us and they agreed to pay out for both of us.

I also told them that we had claimed for our accommodation loss and excursion loss and we were told originally that we were not covered but I pressed the matter quoting their policy and in the end they paid out. Just a word of advice for members to check their claim.

Job Opportunities Associates College of Policing

The college of Policing are currently advertising for question writers for the national examinations. For the question writing role, they would be looking for recently retired people who are Inspector qualified or above who would have an interest in learning question writing skills and joining the associate bank. The closing date for this vacancy is 1st November 2019. The advert and details of how to apply can be found on the associate pages of their website:


There are also some other associate vacancies that may be of interest including invigilator roles at the exams, and assessors for the recruit assessment centres.

Pension Modification

I recently had one of our members contact me regarding a letter they had received in respect of pension modification and a reduction in their pension now they will be receiving the state pension. I just wanted to make other members aware, this appears to affect people who joined before 1980.

A full explanation can be found on NARPO website at: Link

Obviously the figures contained in the document are historic and need increasing in line with pension increases.

EPSA – Essex Police Sports Association

There are many advantages of becoming a member of EPSA if you are not already a member and its only £4.00 a month

Please see here for details

Police Life

Please find the latest edition of Police Life here

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 18th Oct ’19

Warner Leisure Hotels

October Specials 2019

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NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 18th Oct ’19
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Sue Heaton

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NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 18th Oct ’19