NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 4 April 2020

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 21 March 2020

Dear Members,


Our Branch website is at
You will find lots of information about the Branch including the latest newsletters and updates as well as details of forthcoming events. You can also link to the main NARPO site which has a wide range of useful information.


This has been an extremely difficult period for us all, and I hope you are all remaining safe and staying well. As previously circulated and during this uncertain time please remember we are here to assist you if you feel you need any help, equally if you think you are able to volunteer please email as below and join the list of volunteers who are waiting to be called on if required.

I have done some local volunteering and assisted people with shopping and just calling them for a chat and to check on their welfare and have found it very rewarding.

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 4 April 2020

National Member welfare support during Social Distancing & Self Isolation

Message from Headquarters:

As we know at Head Office you provide a fantastic level of support to your individual members and have your own robust systems in place for doing so, public health crisis or not.

We know the nature of this support may have to change under the current circumstances and the need for help is already increasing as many of our members are in the vulnerable categories and are self-isolating.

We have had some brilliant emails so far from branches letting us know what they have put in place to help those members and we will continue to add submissions to the Branch Knowledge Hub on

In addition to this, I have collated some further ideas and resources (which I know many of you will already be aware of) to help you to support members in this very challenging time.

Online community groups

There are many online community groups for individual localities already on Facebook/Twitter, both at a town/city level and on a smaller village level, as well as those that are springing up which are dedicated to support during this public health crisis. Please consider liking (or joining if the group is private) as many of these as you can find for your branch location if you are on social media. They can serve as an excellent resource for what help is available locally from individuals and businesses.

You might also find this spreadsheet useful which has been put together at a national level and has links to many of the dedicated Covid-19 Facebook support groups across the country. Click here to view the spreadsheet.

Another good local online resource is the ‘in your area’ website –

Local Council websites and social media pages

Keep an eye on these to see what might be happening in terms of the local council services that members may need to access during this time.

Coronavirus – Assistance for Vulnerable members/self Isolation

We are conscious of the fact that some of you may be self- isolating or unwell during this difficult period and may need some help. If anyone needs assistance with shopping/medication collection or anything else then please email Tim Stokes and we will endeavour to find a member living nearby who may be able to assist.


As most of you will know the GOV.UK site provides all the up to date official advice on all aspects of the pandemic. They have also just launched a Coronavirus information service on WhatsApp.

To use the free GOV.UK Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp, simply add 07860 064422 in your phone contacts and then message the word ‘hi’ in a WhatsApp message to get started.

A set of menu options is then presented which the user can choose from and then be sent relevant guidance from GOV.UK pages as well as links to GOV.UK for further information.

Monday 20th April 2020 AGM – Annual General Meeting at HQ Sports Pavillion

Just a reminder if you would like to join this important meeting:

Due to the continuing issues with the coronavirus a decision has been made by the Committee to cancel the AGM in its normal format to safeguard members welfare. The meeting was scheduled to take place at 2000hrs on Monday 20th April 2020, it will still take place at this time but by way of a conference call. If you wish to join the conference call could you please email so I can send you an invite with details of how to join the call. If you are intending joining the call and would like a copy of the reports/agenda then please email Brian Ladd

The meeting will be a relatively short meeting to discuss core and urgent business and the agenda will cover:

  1. Adoption of accounts for 2019
  2. Election of the Committee for 2020/21
  3. Any other urgent business

Also if you would like to nominate yourself for any positions on the committee please notify us in advance of this meeting.

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 4 April 2020

Bluelight Wills Update

Please see below update if you use Bluelight Wills:

As we all know the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) is having a significant impact on how businesses are going to operate and I understand the concern that this may cause to you and your colleagues so I thought I would email out some information to keep you abreast about what Bluelight Wills have decided to carry out to enable your colleagues to still use our services.

I usually have meetings face-to-face with potential clients, but with the unfolding situation there will most certainly be an unease of clients wanting to be seen in their homes. This is what we have decided to implement at this moment in time:

  • I am looking to use Zoom and/or WhatsApp video calling; these are both are free services; this will enable me to confirm that the client is who they say they are and have meetings online to talk through their preferences and filling in forms.
  • I am going to be using a secure software such as WeTransfer when clients send through private information and their ID as well as using the post.
    With these measures above, I am looking to keep working with potential clients for as long as I can. However, in the event the situation does change we will notify you and we do email across any additional information to yourselves.

Thank you and stay safe.

Fred Clarke – Baptiste
Mobile +44 (0) 7923 421476

Fred Olsen Cruises

Please find attached link regarding updates to Fred Olsen Cruises

Coronavirus – Retired Police Officers – National Guidance

During this national Public Health Emergency, we have received some requests for clarification of NARPO’s position on the use of retired Police officers, on a voluntary basis or potentially re-joining the Police Service in some capacity or as a Police officer.

There has been a suggestion in an article from a former MPS Commissioner, and also from the current Commissioner, that retired police officers could be used in some capacity

NARPO members account for approximately two thirds of all retired Police officers. Our view is that we know that many retired police officers already perform voluntary work for Police Forces throughout the country.

We agree that retired police officers have certain skills and experience which could assist the Police in these extraordinary and difficult times. However, we are also mindful that many of those retired officers will also fall into the vulnerable category because of their age or health. For NARPO, our members’ personal health and well-being is a primary concern.

We are also aware of many local NARPO Branches providing support to their vulnerable Members and our Business Support and Communications is putting together a guide that Branches can use.

Re-joining the Police

There are two ways to re-join the Police Service, either retiring and re-joining in a role which is materially different from that of a Police officer, or re-joining the Police as a Police Officer.

On the former there is information on our website-

Taxation of Pension Entitlement following re-employment

As Regulations stand, if someone wishes to re-join as a Police Officer, the Police pension would be abated i.e. the person would stop receiving it until they retire again from the Police.

The pension would still increase in line with CPI.

There is one Force, and there may be others, which has a scheme for re-joining the Police. However, there is no national guidance, as yet.

There are also some Forces which are asking for volunteers

Members should be directed to their individual Forces, should they wish to find further information on volunteering or re-joining the Police service.

We feel it is for each retired officer to make their own decision whether they wish to volunteer or not, taking into account their own individual circumstances and we would fully support those who wish to volunteer to assist the Police service and help the vulnerable at this challenging time.

Essex Police Position

Situation in Essex is as follows:

    • If you want come back as a fully warranted officer then you will need to go to the below email for corporate recruitment, and I suggest you send this attached application to that address. They will then progress you back or in or not. This only applies to Essex officers, if you are from another force then you would need to go to that force first.( Distances then become the big issue for you I am sure )
    • If as a former officer (any force) or staff and you want to come back to help in any of those roles listed as a volunteer then complete the application and send to; active citizen in box which has more than just me able to see and will not be missed.

There may be mileage later on for volunteers but it’s still a work in progress.

Active Citizen Essex
Corporate Recruitment Essex

Please include somewhere on the return email that “I am happy for Essex Police to hold securely my personal details for the purpose of this crisis”

This will satisfy GDPR regulations

Also include your last collar number if you are a retired officer/support staff

The Essex police website is being updated from what it was showing yesterday and this is probably ahead of that.

Please keep my mobile below as I will try to answer any questions

Thanks again for your offers and all of you and your families stay safe.

Please find application form here

Kindest regards

Chris Heaffey

Volunteers Coordinator
Citizens in Policing
Local Policing Support Unit
Essex Police HQ F Block
Ext 110010
01245 491491
07715 771091

No.5 Region, South East, Online Voting Results

Update from Keith Bowman, NEC REP. & Regional Secretary:

In respect of our Regional Meetng to be cancelled; the voting requirements were carried out online. I would like to thank all those Branches that participated. I have kept a hard copy of all replies from Branches and these will be retained by me until the next Regional Meeting next year. They are of course open to scrutiny at any time.

Results – No 5 Region NEC Rep. 2020 / 2022

Mr. Ahmed Ramiz. Present NEC Representative. North Sussex Branch. 59 Votes

Mr. Richard (Dickie) Bird, Colchester & NE Essex Branch. 24 Votes

Therefore Ahmed Ramiz is re-elected as NEC Representative.

Reserve to NEC 2020 / 2022

One nomination received. Mr. Richard (Dickie) Bird. Colchester & NE Essex. Present NEC Reserve and therefore remains in post for 2020 / 2022

Scrutineer to Conference 2020.

Only one nomination received. Mr. Chris Freeman, Hampshire (Southampton)

Date of next meeting Saturday, 27th. March, 2021. Leatherhead

Restore Justice Survey

Restore Justice would like our members to participate in their survey on the attitudes to sentencing in England and Wales, the survey can be completed online by following the link below. Please forward on to your members.

Police Memorial Trust

Please see the below request from the Police Memorial Trust:

A very special request for help from The Police Memorial Trust charity. We have placed 50 memorials to fallen police officer across the country, this includes The National Police Memorial. Due to the travel restrictions in place because of the Covid-19 emergency we have regrettably had to suspended our programme of planned inspections of all the memorials for the foreseeable future. For the sake of the fallen officer’s loved ones and colleagues we are asking members of the extended Police Family to help check on the memorials. If you have a memorial in your police area and have reason to pass it during your working day or if you go past one of our memorials whilst you are out on your daily exercise route all we are asking is that you keep an eye on it for us. Please do not make a special journey or go out of your way to visit a memorial. Any floral tributes you see should not be moved unless they have faded and unsightly. If there are cards or notes with the flowers please preserve them for us. For a full list of the memorials and their locations please visit:

If you have any questions about this request please do not hesitate to contact us. We know this simple act of kindness will mean so much to so many people. Thank you.

Alan Lees

Deputy CEO
+44 (0) 1924 331254

That’s all for now, look after yourselves and please remember we have fantastic welfare officers if you need any help.

Sue Heaton

Secretary NARPO
Chelmsford Branch

NARPO Chelmsford Weekly Update 4 April 2020