Nationwide Casual Job Opportunity

Dear NARPO Members,

I am a member of Wigan NARPO branch.

I am in the process of starting a small company which will trace family tree. One of the tasks that I anticipate doing is responding to requests from USA, Canada, Australia, etc. for local research.

An example being to visit a church graveyard in a specific area and take photographs of a relative’s grave.

Since I cannot go to every area, it would not be financially viable, I am trying to recruit a network of retired Police Officers who would be able to make a “local enquiry”.

I can’t promise a fortune, but it will be an interesting couple of hours work practicing old skills.

Best regards John Tompkins 07506


Retired Police Officers

For occasional Part Time Work of an interesting nature carrying out Historical Research in your local area.

For further details please text on 07506 998599 or email John Tompkins (NARPO member)

Please use the title “Researcher” and your Name and Contact Details in order to be sent further information.

Nationwide Casual Job Opportunity-NARPO Family Tree