Request by Forces for Injury Pension Details


Dear Colleagues,

I have received several complaints regarding Essex Police demanding excessive amounts of personal data from former officers who are in receipt of an ‘Injury on duty award’ (IODA).

For your information the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) states that a Force cannot require excessive amounts of personal data from former officers as part of their Injury on Duty Award (IODA) review process.

The requirement for all historical data held about former officers as part of IODA reviews appears to be excessive and in breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

The SMP should only be assessing whether there has been any substantial alteration in former officer’s conditions since their last review.

There is further information on our National website and contained in our updated Aide Memoir:

Injury Pensions

I will be writing to the Essex Police Chief Constable and to the Chair of Essex Police Federation to raise my concerns.

Kind Regards


Roy Scanes

Chelmsford Branch NARPO