Southend Trip Newsletter Extra December 2019

Southend Trip Newsletter Extra December 2019

Hi Folks,

Due to a cancellation, we have a couple of places available for our visit to The Houses of Parliament followed by a visit to the Tower Bridge Exhibition on Monday 13 January 2020. The day will start with a trip to London and then a tour (suitable for wheelchair users) through the Palace of Westminster. There will be time for you to buy a bite to eat before we drive to Tower Hill to visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition. You will have the opportunity to walk the high level and afterwards to visit the old engine rooms. We will then return home, leaving London about 18.00 hours. Let us know if you are interested, Members £20.00 and non-members £29.00.

We also have availability on our trip on 27/28 June 2020 to the National Memorial Arboretum. It will be Armed Forces weekend at the time of our visit so there will be many extra exhibits and things to do in addition to the many interesting permanent displays. We will stay overnight in a Marriott hotel where dinner and breakfast are included. From there we will rerun home via the Cotswolds with stops for morning coffee and lunch (not included in the cost). Prices from £97.00 per person.


Kind regards,


Mike Beaveridge


Social Secretary NARPO
(Southend Branch)
01702 529 985 or
07710 888 919

Booking Terms & Conditions

Please pay by the date shown in the chart at the rear of this newsletter!

Please, please read and take note of our booking and payment terms and conditions! We still have to chase far too many folk for overdue payments! We set payment dates to match those given to us by service providers (boat companies, hotels and ticket agencies etc.). Without your payment we cannot pay them! Check the payment date for your trip in the right hand column of the chart and ensure we receive your payment before that date. If your payment is not received by the due date we reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice to you. We do not accept cash. Cheques must be payable to N.A.R.P.O. We need a separate cheque for each trip you book and one cheque for your whole group is helpful. If you book for a group of people who insist on paying with separate cheques, you must send them all to us at the same time. As with any commercial operator if you book for others, you are responsible for getting their payment to us. Please write the trip to which the cheque relates on the rear of the cheque using the description in the chart at the end of the newsletter. Please also show the name of the person booking the trip if necessary (e.g. a building society cheque which has no name on it). We do not require a covering letter. If we require a deposit we will tell you in the chart at the end of the newsletter! Remember deposits should always be regarded as non refundable.

If you cancel a booking we may still require you to pay N.A.R.P.O. the balance due if you have not done so by the time you cancel. If you do cancel we will always try to refund any monies you have paid, but we may not always be able to do so if we cannot re-claim the cost or if it will have an adverse effect on the overall costs. All trips include a gratuity for our coach driver. By booking with us you are deemed to have accepted these conditions.

We do not arrange insurance cover for you. If you need insurance for any trip e.g. South Wales, it is your responsibility to arrange the cover!

The stand by system is working well so if there are any trips showing as ‘fully booked’ that you’d like to go on, tell us and as and when any cancellations are received you will be offered an opportunity to take them up.

Lyn and I are more than happy to deal with any issues re the trips, but we’d appreciate not being contacted on Sundays or at an unreasonable time of the day. Before contacting us please read this or past newsletters. You will probably find the information you want there.

If you need to discuss anything not trip related, please contact the appropriate committee member whose details are at the bottom of each page of this newsletter. We only deal with matters relating to the trips we organise.

Kind regards,


Mike Beaveridge &

Lyn Beaveridge

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