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It was great to receive such wonderful comments and stories from you all.

It appears that some may not be receiving the issues. Some glitches are happening where the issue is sent to your trash or spam folders so please spread the word to check them periodically.

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For so many of us the roads these days do not provide the hopes and dreams of yesteryear. This article in 1970 showed what was considered the answer to achieve free flow motoring in the future. I suppose the thought was there!!!!


Some recognisable faces here. Anyone have more photos. I remember Mick French, Brian Arnell and myself and many others playing for the team as well but do not have a photo.


from Mick Radford

After two years of bad weather on previous trips I sailed on the Celebrity Cruises ship Silhouette to St Petersburgh via Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki into cloudless blue skies and 80 degrees heat.
We had a visa free tour of the City via a company available on Tripadvisor or its partner Viator for a third of the price of the cruise company price.
We were told to take our passports (obvious), our ship’s guest card and our booked itinerary.
I was met by our guide Viktoria who spent the whole day taking me to all the most famous sites.
I paid our travelling expenses; bus, metro and taxi and the entrance fees.
If any of you have considered a trip to the Baltics I can do nothing other than highly commend the trip.
St Petersburg has to be seen to be believed.



Potty about pots!!!

Photographs of Dick and Coral Bloomfield’s garden show that they take great delight in a lot of colourful plants in pots. A lot of hard graft watering but well worth the effort!!!


The Dreaded Box Tree Moth Strikes!!

Once you find it, it’s too late! So it says in the RHS Garden magazine and other researched material!!

One little patch found last week in our garden has now turned to a ravaged hedge over 20 yards long.

Fortunately, our granddaughter, Alex, was on hand to help dig the whole lot out and dump the foliage before the next lot of caterpillars are produced to attack neighbouring garden buxus hedges.

The caterpillar is approx 1/4 long and encased in a web so it is hard to see and gorges on the leaf devastating the shrub extremely quickly.


From Dave Seago

As the elected Welfare Officer, I take my role very seriously. I am only able to keep abreast of members’ welfare if fellow members’ keep me informed.

So often, I hear about a welfare need after it has been addressed. I then hear comments like, “I thought someone would have told you”. I would urge all members’ to keep me updated – not assume that someone else has probably done so!

Not all retired officers’ choose to join NARPO. I think that some may regard it as an ‘Old Boys’ club and not necessarily for them. It is, of course, a matter of individual preference.

As far as I am concerned, we are all members of the wider ‘police family’ and we should endeavour to keep in touch. I have visited non-NARPO colleagues on welfare matters, some of whom have then opted to join because someone had shown an interest.

It may be that you served with a colleague and since retirement you have maintained a close friendship over the years. Upon hearing of her/him being unwell, you’ve chosen to visit on a regular basis – perhaps even ‘bearing gifts’! Should that be the case, PLEASE let me know so as I can respond from the NARPO perspective.

We do not operate a ‘secret society’ – we are open and transparent and want to keep it that way.

Editors Note

I wish to concur with Dave.

I was forced to retire at the age of 46 with mental and physical issues.

NARPO have supported me and my family throughout the most torrid and difficult times over the last 25 years.
There is no doubt in our minds that I would not be here if such help was not available.

Because I get very confused my wife, Dorothy, avidly reads the quarterly magazine, NARPO NEWS and learns more about health issues, pensions, financial advice, benefits etc., etc. than from anywhere else.

I have met non-members who do not wish to join NARPO but there partners are screaming out for help and support.

Please remember that is not only you that receives this help but your partners and family even when you have left this earth!

Please make contact with Dave on Welfare issues and Peter Yorke Wade or the other Branch Secretaries via the details below.


A letter from Dick Bloomfield

Hi Bob, Thanks for taking this on, its good to keep in the loop, particularly for some who move in different circles or are located away from our corner of Essex.

I still meet up with old Boro Boys e.g. Eddie Coates, who lives on his own at the same house in Springwater Road Eastwood. Despite his limited mobility after his stroke some years ago, he is remarkable with his mental capacity of memory, mickey-taking and he likes a brandy or 3.

Others at our meetings are Roy Waghorn, Peter York Wade, Dave Seago, Roger Culham, Ted Travers, Fred Simpkins, Peter Moyes, and some others occasionally.

We have a good laugh, talk Sh…. / rubbish, repeat ourselves and have a drink at The Roebuck Pub at Rayleigh High Street on a Monday evening about 8pm.

I think it’s very good for one’s mental health. We have been doing this for many years. before that we met at Southend and Rayleigh bars before they closed.

I recommend this therapy wholeheartedly.

Best wishes

Dick Bloomfield


Hope I will see many of you at Southend Rugby Club on Friday 30 August (THIS WEEK!!).

I have to take every day as it comes so if I cannot make it will you please take as many photos as you can and send them to me for future issues.

Another Reminder!

This newsletter is about you, and its success relies on your input.

My contact details are below and I look forward to hearing from you.

Useful NARPO Contacts

Southend Branch

Chairman Fred Simpkins
+44 (0)1268 459 185

Secretary Peter Yorke-Wade – Peter Yorke-Wade
+44 (0)1702 624 217

Membership Secretary John Coyle
+44 (0)1702 527 455

Welfare Dave and Hilary Seago
+44 (0)1702 526 583

Social Secretaries Mike and Lyn Beaveridge
+44 (0)1702 529 985

Chelmsford Branch

Sue Heaton –
+44 (0)774 884 8393

Colchester & North East Essex Branch

John Tingue –
+44 (0)125 581 3102

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