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Diary Date

Due to the current Covid 19 situation all NARPO gatherings have been cancelled or postponed.


from Chris Jacob

Well, after over 70 plus years of being an Essex born and bred person, I now reside in Devon and it is like being on holiday every day of the year.

The reason is that our daughter or more important for Barbara, the grandchildren moved through work to Devon a few years ago. We tried to drive down to see them on a regular basis, but as I was getting older and it was beginning to take ages just to get out of Southend ..then you would hit the M25 followed by everyone looking at Stonehenge.

So we decided we liked it down here and started looking for somewhere to live, we put our house on the market and it sold straight away, so we had to find somewhere.

We found a lovely village near to Honiton and a 20 minute drive from Sidmouth on the coast. At Sidmouth, they have a tram railway which takes you from the coast into the countryside and back.

Everything is a lot quieter traffic wise here. It did not take long to settle in.
I have always enjoyed playing sport and was made most welcome in the local golf, bowls and ping pong clubs I was also asked to sit on the Parish Council.
Last year we had a full diary of visitors, either using us as a base or staying en route to Cornwall.

The diary was filling up for this year but obviously has now been curtailed. We are surrounded by local farm shops and garden centres offering cream teas in idyllic vistas.

We certainly don’t miss the hectic, rushing lifestyle that retirement was giving us in Essex.

The Off Beat Post May 2020
The Off Beat Post 2020 Post Card From Devon
The Off Beat Post 2020 Post Card From Devon2


50 years ago in May 1970 the then Southend Police Football Team was invited to take part in a tournament by the local football league.

Those who weren’t involved in Bank Holiday policing played and thereon started a friendship with Club and individuals that still last till this day.

20 teams took part from all over the UK, Germany, Belgium and VVZ from Holland.

The last game of the tournament was against VVZ and we “battled” to decide who would be the bottom or second from bottom team in the tournament. The game took well over two and a half hours to play as both teams insisted on “time outs” to take a beer and chat with each other. Amazing!

What followed was an annual reunion of players and families on alternate years at Southend and Zaandam and many parties and gallons of beer and wine consumed!!!
A close bond has been the result.

Over the next few months, I hope to publish many photos and stories of this unique association.

Here are a few to start the ball rolling.

Southend Police v VVZ Zaandam1
The VVZ ZAANDAM Team of 1970. Can you name them????
Southend Police v VVZ Zaandam2
One of the first teams from 1972 are here when VVZ returned to Southend.

L to R Back Row: Fred Feather, Rod Ellis, Chris Jacob, Ted Pratten, Jim Dickinson, Steve Bright, Alan Watkins,
L to R Front Row: John Croote, Peter Scott, Mick Radford, Dave Seago, Chris Clancey and Brian Arnell.

Not long after this the old Southend Police Ground and Sports Pavilion were sold to Southend United!!

Photo courtesy of Chris Jacob.

The Off Beat Post April 2020

Help Is At Hand

Some contact details should you need help or advice during this period.


Southend Coronavirus Action Line 01702 212497


Dear Members,

We are conscious of the fact that some of you may be self- isolating or unwell during this difficult period and may need some help. If anyone needs assistance with shopping/medication collection or anything else then please email: Tim Stokes and we will endeavour to find a member living nearby who may be able to assist.


Sue Heaton
Branch Secretary

Other Contact Details Are At The Foot Of This Issue

Keep Healthy
In Body And Mind

Karen and Lisa from Simply Stride continue to show you how to do simple exercises in your home or garden to help both your mental and physical body deal with the traumas of today.

On a Wednesday even us who are not so able can do the exercises whilst sitting on a dining room chair!!!

They are working to expand this to help those who are not on Facebook.

Click on the link below. I know you will find it useful!

The Next Issue of The Off Beat Post Will Be Circulated In J

Features Will Include

Gardens To After Lockdown

More Southend Police FC Friendship With VVZ Zaandam Photos

Wanted For Future Articles

Photos and Stories of Your Sporting Time In The Job

Golf, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Snooker, Darts etc., etc.


Same of All The Do’s We Held


The Fun Day and Charity Events Where We Raised So Much Money For Good Causes In The County

So Much Happened in The Job Outside of the Drudgery and Toil.

Let Me Have All Your Experiences So We Can All Enjoy the Memories! ! !

If you are interested in helping with creating such articles or others of interest then please make contact.

Useful NARPO Contacts

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