The Off Beat Post November 2019

The Off Beat Post

November 2019 Edition


My apologies but due to ill health I was not able to send out September or October editions.
Now back to near normal hope you enjoy this Post.


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The Off Beat Post

Southend NARPO Christmas Buffet Lunch

Friday 13th December 2019
1.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Naval and Military Club
Royal Terrace
Southend on Sea
SS1 1DUCome and meet up with your old mates and join in the Christmas Spirit!!!

Non-members welcome and you can take the opportunity to join our fantastic organisation

Please send me any photos taken at this event

The Law Newspaper

Snippets from our old circulation.

All of us, no matter when we served, had to deal with crowd yobbery and the now called anti-social behaviour whether you served in the days of the Teddy Boys with flick knives, the Mods and Rockers, Skinheads or Football Hooligans. Our tasks are still the same.

Years ago we created roadblocks at the entrance to our towns, turned the crowds away at railway stations and even removed bootlaces, belts and braces to curtail their activities and “prevent crime”!

In a 1970 edition of the Law, the Chief Constable made this announcement!

Below it can be seen the appreciation Southend Council gave to the Officers.

Many stories abound of these days and the hilarious story below by Tony Everet will make you laugh I am sure!

I would like to hear from some of our recent younger members who I know have a different experience!

The Off Beat Post November 2019
The Off Beat Post November 2019

Eyzapopin on the Eastern Front

August Bank Holiday Monday, 1967. On my first August Bank Holiday Duty (I joined in Sept 1966) I had a static post with Peter Donovan on the north-west corner of the Minerva/Kursaal roundabout, The Police no.1 Mobile was in front of me. The dual carriageway, I believe, was closed to non-emergency traffic.

It was circa 12.00 hrs., The area surrounding me was awash with thousands of families and visitors. Across the road and to my right, I became aware of a large commotion. People were being displaced and falling. Then I saw about one hundred Skinheads ‘steaming’ along the opposite pavement. As they reached the No.1 mobile, they came to an abrupt halt. It was then that I saw the twin chevroned arms of an illustrious Sergeant, above the crowd, holding a skinhead in either hand by the collars, repeatedly banging their heads together over his!

A re-educated Skinhead hoard then crossed the road at the roundabout by the Kursaal. Turning, they were approaching Peter and I when forty-odd Rockers crossed the dual carriageway from the no.1 Mobile looking angry, hitting their fists into their opposite open hand shouting ‘We’er gonna gecha, we’er gonna gecha’. Immediately, at this time, I really seriously wanted to go home. Unbelievably, all the Skinheads tried to hide behind Peter and I! As the Rockers advanced, we pushed and stopped them from reaching their intended target. As a result, they were ‘concertinaing’ on the road. It was then that I heard two tones from my right and saw a Police Dog Van driven by an officer, who was seriously angered. I could see, as he travelled at speed, his knuckles, gripping the steering wheel, were white, his face blood red. Sitting in the passenger seat was his equally tensed partner dog handler who looked as if he just had sat on a six-inch nail as the pending doom of the Rockers took on reality!

I just knew there going to be a horrible accident as there was no sign of the van slowing! Then, everything went into slow motion. I was already writing my report! Miraculously, no Rockers were hit except for the last two who shot up into the air like a pair of rockets. As they fell onto the breaking van, The Dog Handler got out, picked the two up and shoved them into the back of the dog van. The van then shot off! All gathered there were stunned After a while the question was, ‘Where are they taking our mates?’ ……………..’Try the Police Station or the Morgue!’

I believe it was the ‘courageous actions’ of these officers that prevented and curtailed a potentially serious incident.

I cannot remember any other incident that day except that, after ‘Chucking Out Time’, I was amorously attacked by a coach load of enthusiastic Ladies from the East End of London, freshly liberated from ‘The Minerva Pub’.

Who could blame them!


Tony Everitt
The Off Beat Post November 2019
The Off Beat Post November 2019

In The Garden

With our green-fingered friends Derek and Kim Durham who live on the edge of the New Forest and often open their garden for charity.

The Off Beat Post November 2019 In-the-garden
The Off Beat Post November 2019
The Off Beat Post November 2019 In-the-garden
The Off Beat Post November 2019

Volunteer Drivers

From Peter Yorke Wade

Friends, we circulated a while ago asking for volunteer drivers to help out other members who for reasons cannot drive themselves to hospital/doctors appointments. The branch will meet out of pocket expenses and mileage. We are trying to get a pool of drivers together to meet this need. If you feel that you could help out please let me know in order that we can work out a list and rota.


The Off Beat Post November 2019
The Off Beat Post November 2019

WPC Yvonne Fletcher – Murdered On Duty

From Ken Wright

Kenasks that you read this article in the NARPO magazine and hopes that you could make a donation to his cause.

Former Met Pc John Murray has an article in the current NARPO magazine. John served with Yvonne when she was shot outside the London Libyan Embassy in 1984, in fact, he was standing next to her. He is now pursuing a civil action against the alleged murderer, a former Libyan Embassy staff member who is suspected. Many of us were serving at the time and could not believe that no one was detained for this vicious cowardly crime.

When you know you are right, you have the evidence, and the authorities will not act, because they are involved, you must do it yourself, which is what I have and am doing. When I have my day(s) in the High Court, the evidence we have will be pretty hard-hitting and I know I have a lot of people in the establishment worried, we will win this civil case, and then the CPS MUST reconsider criminal charges against Mabrouk, then justice will have been served. As you are aware Litigation is expensive, I only have my Police Pension to live on, it is now only with the support of others I can continue.

I am not only doing this for Yvonne but also for those men and women out there right now doing the job, they must know that should something happen to them, someone, somewhere will fight their corner and obtain justice.

You can contact John on this email

The Next Issue Will Be Circulated In January

Features will include

“Village Life” by Keith Davey

Photos of the dinner dances that we enjoyed so much

Future articles for the new year

With help and research answers to the questions

Why are food banks so important in our society?

Why do we have so many homeless people?

What happened to the “Place of Safety’?

Why is mental health such a problem nowadays?

If you are interested in helping with creating such articles or others of interest then please make contact.

Old Cops Club Lunch

Were you there???

Did you take any photos?

I was in the hospital and couldn’t make it but would love to receive any photos of our friends and ex-colleagues.

Please send them to the email Bob and give your consent if I can show them here.

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The Off Beat Post November 2019