Welfare help needed

Welfare help needed

Dear Colleagues,

I am hoping some of you may be available to assist this gentleman

The following request applies to those members in the area of Saffron Walden and has been received from the Essex Police Benevolent Fund. Our NARPO Branch Welfare Officer and Benevolent Fund representative has approved circulation.

Mark Howard (aged 62 years) is the only surviving son of former Sgt Bert Howard who served at Saffron Walden and passed away in 2001 suffering from Huntington’s Disease. Mark is similarly severely affected by the condition and is now living in a residential care home at Saffron Walden.

Mark has no direct family members but has received an exceptional level of support from the two sons of retired Essex Supt Dawson. Marks ability to walk or communicate is severely limited to the extent that he requires two people with him at all times, at least one of whom is experienced in supporting him or is a qualified carer to ensure his safety and comfort. Two-way conversation is virtually impossible, but Mark does understand clearly what is being said to him and he enjoys listening to others talking. In short, it is a sad and challenging situation for the son of a former police officer.

The request is for any NARPO member who may on a voluntary basis be able to support Mark socially and be part of the small group currently helping him, perhaps even taking him out for a change of scenery. Volunteers would need to be introduced to Mark in conjunction with his helpers. This is plain and simple social contact and not ongoing or intimate care. If any member feels they could assist Mark and be part of the support group please contact me and I will forward your details to the appropriate people.

Many thanks,


Sue Heaton

Secretary NARPO Chelmsford Branch


Welfare help needed